A jungle is land covered with dense forest and tangled vegetation, usually in hot climates . Application of the term has varied greatly during the past recent centuries. Before the 1970s,
tropical rainforests were generally referred to as jungles, but this terminology has fallen out of usage.

The word jungle originates from the Sanskrit word juṅgala ( Sanskrit : जङ्गल), meaning rough and arid. It came into the English language via Hindi in the 18th century. [1][2] Jāṅgala has also been variously transcribed in English as jangal ,
jangla , jungal , and juṅgala. [citation needed ] Although the Sanskrit word refers to dry land, it has been suggested that an Anglo-Indian interpretation led to its connotation as a dense “tangled thicket”[3] while others have argued that a cognate word in Urdu did refer to forests. [4] The term is prevalent in many languages of the Indian subcontinent , and the
Iranian Plateau , where it is commonly used to refer to the plant growth replacing primeval forest or to the unkempt tropical vegetation that takes over abandoned areas. [5]…….

One of the most common meanings of jungle is land overgrown with tangled vegetation at ground level, especially in the tropics. Typically such vegetation is sufficiently dense to hinder movement by humans, requiring that travellers cut their way through. [6][7][8] This definition draws a distinction between rainforest and jungle, since the understorey of rainforests is typically open of vegetation due to a lack of sunlight, and hence relatively easy to traverse. [9]
[10] Jungles may exist within, or at the borders of, rainforests in areas where rainforest has been opened through natural disturbance such as hurricanes, or through human activity such as logging. [6][11][12] The successional vegetation that springs up following such disturbance of
rainforest is dense and tangled and is a ‘typical’ jungle. Jungle also typically forms along rainforest margins such as stream banks, once again due to the greater available light at ground level. [9]
Monsoon forests and mangroves are commonly referred to as jungles of this type. Having a more open canopy than rainforests, monsoon forests typically have dense understoreys with numerous lianas and shrubs making movement difficult, [6][13][14] while the prop roots and low canopies of mangroves produce similar difficulties. [15][16]

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How to eat better when you do not have much money in this present situation.

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How to eat better when you do not have much money in this present situation.


Gentleness is a personal quality which can be part of one’s character. It consists in kindness, consideration and amiability.[1] Being gentle has a long history in many, but not all cultures.

Aristotle used it in a technical sense as the virtue that strikes the mean with regard to anger: being too quick to anger is a vice, but so is being detached in a situation where anger is appropriate; justified and properly focused anger is named mildness or gentleness.[2]

Gentleness is a strong hand with a soft touch. It is a tender, compassionate approach toward others’ weaknesses and limitations. A gentle person still speaks truth, sometimes even painful truth, but in doing so guards their tone so the truth can be well received.[3]

Bryant McGil suggested we act with gentleness when we release ourselves from our wants and want from others, such as wanting others to mind read us, have their attention, expecting continued agreement and always pleasing us; “When you focus on want, you become an endless cycle of wants. To get, simply release, and then gently invite.”.[4][5] We feel we know more about what we like about our partner, and make effort to know more about it.[6]

A second important usage was common in medieval times, associated with higher social classes: hence the derivation of the terms gentlemangentlewoman and gentry. The broadening of gentle behavior from a literal sense of the gentry to the metaphorical “like a gentleman” applicable to any person was a later development.[7]

For certain he hath seen all perfectness. Who among other ladies hath seen mine: They that go with her humbly should combine To thank their God for such peculiar grace. So perfect is the beauty of her face that it begets in no wise any sign Of envy, but draws round her a clear line Of love, and blessed faith, and gentleness. Merely the sight of her inakes all things bow: Not she herself alone is holier than all: but hers, through her, are raised above. From all her acts such lovely graces flow that truly one may never think of her without a passion of exceeding love.

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10 Things you need to know

  • You must be determined
  • Learn to share your skill
  • Learn to be appreciative
  • Be able to be quiet in some cases
  • Learn to give someone gift for no reason
  • Take risk
  • Desire
  • Face your fear
  • Strengthen your thoughts about your self
  • Be optimistic

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